The owners, Mike and Jessica Brambila have lived in Tahoe for over 15 years. They have three beautiful children who are as rambunctious and playful as their parents. Their fun loving spirits coupled with their entrepreneurial drive helped them to build Trapped in Tahoe and make it the entertainment destination it is today.

Mike is the resident builder and the designer of some of our most challenging skill puzzles. He has a knack for creating fun and difficult challenges that leave people laughing and talking about hours later. You often see his sense of humor in our rooms as he loves to add little elements just to make people laugh.
Jessica is the clever one. She is responsible for the design and implementation of some of our more difficult puzzles. Her attention to detail helps keep the team on track when building rooms.

Mike and Jessica added Jessica’s younger sister, Danielle Mason, to the company as a partner. Danielle brings some of the technical skills to the team. A self described “Expert Googler,” she prides herself on being able to research design and tech solutions when building new rooms.

How was Trapped in Tahoe Formed?

A lot of people ask us,”How did we come up with the idea for Trapped in Tahoe?”

The idea came from visiting family in Ohio. Jessica’s aunt and uncle told her about a really cool way people were having fun. An escape room! So, the entire family booked a room. The unique experience left Jessica thinking about how Tahoe has nothing like this. Because of this, Jessica began discussing what it would take to open one of her own with her aunt Lori, her uncle Mark and sister Danielle. After arriving home Jessica, told her husband Mike about how interesting and fun the experience was. Jessica did some research and found an escape room in Reno. Mike, Danielle and Jessica’s daughter, Bailey booked a room. Mike returned from the experience excited and told Jessica he was all in.

Once Mike said he wanted to do it, Jessica called her sister, Danielle, and said she was going for it. After several months of research, the family found the perfect location. The entire family chipped in to complete all of the construction that was needed. Once the rooms were built, Jessica, Mike, Danielle and their younger brother Steven started working on the puzzles and designs of the rooms. What you see today is a result of a lot of late nights and long weekends put in by all of the family members.


The Trapped in Tahoe family is very fortunate to have such great friends and family for support. Especially those that sacrificed their own time to help us build this business. We would like to take the  opportunity to thank the people who have helped us make our dream a reality.

Our mother, Kathy, and father, Mike. Thank you for all of your support and help during the building of our business.

Aunt Lori and Uncle Mark encouraged us to take this leap and follow our dreams. Their support has meant the world to us.

Matt and Shelly who came to our rooms and have helped to spread the word about our business.